DevOps Engineer / Specialist

Closing Date : 31 December 2023

(Associate up to 5 years / Consultant 5-9 years / Senior Consultant 10 years & above)


  • Identify, develop, implement, maintain, administer, support and improve IT infrastructure and CI/CD platform that are used to support application development lifecycle.
  • Collaborate with the Product Team to onboard new product to the platform and to improve the existing application development process.
  • Collaborate with Infosec Team on implementing security best practices on the applications, IT infrastructure and CI/CD platform.
  • Collaborate internally within DevOps Team as well as with other teams to improve IT infrastructure, CI/CD platform and processes used for application development lifecycle.
  • Develop automation and processes to enable teams to deploy, manage scale and monitor their applications in data centers and in Cloud
  • Handle Release management Developing and maintaining release related documents, such as release plan, release notes etc.
  • Ensuring quality releases and managing release and configuration change conflicts to
  • Investigating and resolving technical issues by deploying updates/
  • Set up of test automation and helping team in test automation Daily system monitoring and response to security or usability concerns.
  • Creating and maintaining documentation pertaining to


  • Degree or Master’s in Computer Science, Computing, Information Technology, Engineering or equivalent
  • Hands-on experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting the following tools: Operating system: Linux (Ubuntu), Unix and Windows; Scripting: Bash, PowerShell, Perl
  • Experience in Repository and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery: GitLab, MS VSTS, Git and Testing tools like Selenium
  • Hands-on experience in Container/Container Orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes, AKS; Logging/Telemetry: Elasticsearch, Splunk, Prometheus; Visualisations: Kibana, Grafana; Security: Checkmarx, Clair; Web Server: Nginx, MS IIS, Tomcat
  • Experience in Infrastructure as Code: Ansible, Terraform, Puppet; Database: Redis, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB
  • Experiencein Platform-as-a-Service: VMWare/Pivotal PKS; Cloud Services: AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • Strong knowledge in networking protocols and services (e.g. SFTP, DHCP, VLANs, routing, load balancer, etc) with hands-on experience troubleshooting network issues.
  • Hands-on experience with application development using Agile
  • Experience in deploying microservices
  • Good experience in OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker,
  • Experience in manual and automated deployment, including infrastructure provisioning/de- provisioning of resources on OpenShift.
  • Experience in building and operating scalable, fault tolerant, internet facing systems. Should be able set up and administer infrastructure, including firewalls, databases, VMs.
  • Experience in handling network issues and incident management

Qualification : Degree

Minimum Experience : 5 Years and above

Salary : $8000-$14000

Work Location : Singapore