Staffing Solutions


Contract Staffing

Contingency Search (Professional Services):

Our local database, network and wide experience that our team has on various practice industries enables us to attract and retain talented candidates to meet your staffing requirements on short term and long term contracts. Consultants work on deputation at client sites while continuing to be our employees. Client also have the option of absorbing the consultant as direct employee either at the end or in between of the contract period. This model gives you the opportunity to assess the consultant closely and have the option of employing the right fit talent who is familiar with your methodologies, process and techniques.Our Professional staffing team establishes a co-employment relationship with clients and takes responsibility for all compliance, HR and administrative of employees on assignment.

In addition we have a network of partners in different countries and geographies with whom we work closely to tap in the international pool of talent, who are willing to relocate to Asean markets.

Retained Search:

A special search team is assigned to the client to identify and present potential employees that are highly skilled with great track records. We adopt a consultative approach in which our team will first understand our client business and industry needs in detail. Accordingly we will map the potential candidates. This process is time-bound and encompasses a mix of well-defined processes.